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Aloha Diary | Violet
£21 | 176 pages

Korean stationer Second Mansion's Aloha Diary here with its Violet cover. This 176-page diary has space for annual, monthly & weekly diary entries, 24 pages for notes & a wrap around cover with additional PVC cover for protection. The planner is undated, you enter your own dates, so can be used for any year and begun at any time of year. View Picture Gallery.

Diary - Undated.
Intro - 1 page.
Yearly plan - 2 pages.
Monthly plan (undated) - 24 pages.
Weekly plan (undated) - 120 pages.
Lined notes - 24 pages.
Personal page - 1 page.
PVC cover.
180mm x 127mm.
Made in Korea.

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